We offer structural metal & piping fabrication services to a broad range of industries. Our expertise in this field allows us to full understand your piping and structural fabrication needs. Let us provide you the solution so that your project is done correctly, completed on time, and under budget.


It’s simple.

We are qualified. In fact, we’ve been qualified for quite some time now. With over 33 years of turnkey piping and structural steel fabrication experience, our staff is uniquely qualified to take your ideas from design to finished product.


  • We offer all types of specialty welding in house. We can take projects from very custom to very large.
  • We have the capabilities to do shop fabrication at our facility as well as site work.
  • We have the capability to weld all alloys and carbon steel.
  • We also specialize in high pressure piping.

Structural Fabrication

  • Trey Industries offers a wide variety of structural fabrication and welding from skids, catwalks, and much more.
  • We have a long history of storage tank repairs, from complete tanks, panels, man ways, and hot spot repairs.
  • We can help come up with the cheapest, safest, and most expedient solution for the customer’s needs.
  • We can help plan, schedule, design, and manage your project.