Civil construction is a very broad term. Luckily, Trey Industries has a vast range of talent and experience to match it. Civil work provides countless interesting challenges. Through our many years in the industry we can truly say we’ve seen it all and we’re ready for whatever comes around the corner in your remodel, foundation, site work, etc.


We have been doing civil work for 33+ years. Trey handles everything from sidewalks to tank rings. Regardless of job size we can come up with innovative ideas to help you achieve your goals on time and under budget. We can do landscaping, stabilizing, clearing, grubbing, containment levies, and elevations. We have even worked extensively with the Gulf Coast Water Authority to make their canals and dams.

Concrete? Not a problem.

Trey has extensive knowledge of concrete. We can do paving, compressor pads, tank foundations, pump pads. In fact, we poured 550 cubic yards in one day to make a foundation for a 78’ tank ring. We can also do building foundations, multi-story flooring, build from ground up & start to finish, and specialty architectural design.

Our goals…

Every project has goals. We have a few that we strive to meet on every project no matter what the size. That’s safety and efficiency. Time is critical on all types of construction but especially for civil projects. We will work safely and efficiently to come out under budget and on time. Not many construction companies set goals like that.