A few of our specialties:

  • Temporary Power
  • Grounding Systems
  • Instrument Installation
  • 15 KV Feeders
  • 5KVA Feeders
  • 500 KCMS Feeders
  • 240 Volt
  • 480 Volt
  • 24 DCS Systems
  • Instrument Calibration
  • Loop Checks
  • Instrument and Electrical Troubleshooting


How it’s done…

We offer complete electrical design and electrical installation. Oftentimes we perform these tasks while doing complete interior build-out, but we have done plenty of renovations as well. From successfully designing an electrical system to installing them in both pre-fabs that we set up and during renovations of buildings constructed before we existed, we’ve seen it all.

Our team is a dedicated group of talented workers that are especially up to date on the state and federal regulations and codes. We guarantee that we will design and install your electrical system up to code. Maybe you have some electrical work that’s not going right with the inspector, then let us get your pre-existing system up to code.